Tech and Wellbeing in the legal sector: time for a fresh look

26 June 2024

12:30-14:00 - Burges Salmon, One Glass Wharf, Bristol BS2 0ZX

On Wednesday 26th June we will be co-hosting the ‘Tech and Wellbeing in the legal sector’ event with Bristol Law Society. We will focus on the complex relationship between Wellbeing and Tech in today’s legal world; the good and the bad and how the sector should be addressing both of those dimensions. In this discussion session we will cover as many of the angles and issues as we can in the time, with plenty of Q&A and audience participation.

We want to take a ground-up, future- focused view and are particularly focused on hearing the views of the younger generations working in or entering the legal sector, both from our panel and from the room.

If you’re interested or want to learn more about how technology and wellbeing interact and react in today’s legal workplace do join us – this is going to a subject which dominates the rest of our working – and personal – lives.

This event is free to attend but please do register.

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