WE R LegalTech Festival 2024

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Venues in central Bristol

Multiple LegalTech festival events curated by Bristol+BathLegalTech are running in Bristol over three days from 17-19 April.  We’ve got a really diverse range of themes and issues being covered across the week and every single event is free to attend.  Take a look at the line up below plus how to register.

And don’t forget these three days follow hard on the heels of our one day WE R LegalTech 2024 Conference on 16 April – register here if you haven’t already secured your place.

Festival Events

01. Elevate your leadership with StrongSuits and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®


Calling all technology and legal leaders, managers and change-makers! Join us for an exclusive and highly participative workshop, tailored to empower you and develop modern leadership skills using not one but two cutting-edge methodologies: StrongSuits and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. 

In this session you will explore the following and more! 

  • Explore who you are at your core, your values and core identity, reflection on the integration of strengths, personal values, interests and situational factors. 
  • Explore how you are perceived, your external identity – encouragingintrospection on self-perception versus external perception, highlighting areas for personal growth. 
  • Gain insights into the strengths of othersand learn how to create a culture of collaboration, trust, of psychological safety where teams can thrive. 
  • Explore your aspirational identity, who are you at your very best – explore how to align strengths for optimal outcomes and reinforce a development approach to growth.

Leadership in the 2020s has changed and is going to change more.  Developing new skills for a new era is critically important for anyone with a leadership or management role in technology, innovation and change.  As new generations enter the workplace and as remote and hybrid working become established facts of life, leaders need to adapt and evolve.  You might have heard about the rising importance of Authenticity, Self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence, but do you understand how to develop and deploy them? 

“Build” on your experience and deepen our exploration of strengths and personal identity using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® a powerful, truly ‘hands-on’ facilitation technique. Discover, as thousands have since 2010, how it can enhance your creativity, problem-solving and leadership skills. 

Join this exclusive free session and get ready to revolutionise your leadership approach, drive innovation, and lead your teams to unparalleled success in the digital age. 

Your facilitators are:

Jane Livesey, change and transformation specialist with extensive experience in legal, spanning local firms to the Magic Circle in both tech and strategy, dedicated to helping individuals, teams, and organisations unlock their potential and address complex challenges.

Jenny Martin, independent trainer and facilitator in product development and behaviours of high performing teams who specialises in creating immersive and playful learning experiences and workshops leveraging the power of Lego Serious Play.


02. Process modelling with BPMN


BPMN is the de facto standard language for modelling business processes, and is used to capture, analyse, and design complex processes in an elegant and powerful format.

In this half-day session, we’ll cover:

  • Why adopting a standard for process modelling is so useful
  • The essential elements of the BPMN modelling language, and how to use them effectively
  • An introduction to some of the modelling tools available, and current thinking about process design and documentation

We’ll use plenty of practical hands-on exercises to get you started with using BPMN.

Whether you’re new to process modelling, or simply want to adopt more standardised modelling methods and best practice in your organisation, this session is for you!

Stuart Mullinger is a consultant business analyst, and Director of Bristol-based Better Business Analysis. He’s worked in business analysis for 20 years, largely within the Legal sector. He’s an expert in process analysis and designing business operations.

In addition to his consulting work, Stu is a key player (recently Communities Director for the South West, Wales & Midlands) with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and is active within the BA community as a blogger, speaker, and event host.


03. Tech and wellbeing in the legal sector: time for a fresh look


BBLT is hooking up with the new Bristol Law Society Wellbeing group for a joint event that focuses in on the complex relationship between Wellbeing and Tech in today’s legal world; the good and the bad and how the sector should be addressing both of those dimensions.  In this discussion session we will cover as many of the angles and issues as we can in the time, with plenty of Q&A and audience participation.  But we want to take a ground-up, future-focused view and are particularly focused on hearing the views of the younger generations working in or entering the legal sector, both from our panel and from the room.

This session is for anyone who cares about the benefits, risks and all-round impacts tech has and will have on individual wellbeing.  We especially welcome young lawyers, technologists and others from around the sector.

The aim is to kick-off an active and outcomes-focused alliance between the region’s legaltech and legal wellbeing communities in this session.  We look forward to welcoming everyone who has a point of view, would like to contribute to that or just wants to learn.

As our facilitator for this session, we are thrilled to welcome Liz Rimmer, Chief Executive at LawCare, the UK legal community’s mental health and wellbeing charity.  Liz will be joined by a panel including Dan St Quentin (Thrings), Greg Beavis (Bevan Brittan and Bristol Junior Lawyer Division Health & Wellbeing Officer), Marco Mendola (Legal Technologist, FutureLaw for TLT LLP) and Leah Steele (Founder of Searching for Serenity, Executive Coach, Trainer & Consultant and former lawyer).


04. Microsoft 365 Copilot: Past, Present & Future


One not to miss! We’ll be joined by Richard Ellis, General Manager at Microsoft UK. A unique and timely opportunity for anyone working in LegalTech or the law to dig deeper into probably the most discussed tech produce of 2024 and discover the power of Microsoft Copilot 365. Featuring demos, uses cases and knowledge sharing in areas including data, prompts, training and much more. Note this is a knowledge and education focused session on a product almost everybody will engage with; not a sales pitch!


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