The Bristol+BathLegalTech (BBLT) mission

Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit collective of legal technology (‘LegalTech’ / ‘LawTech’) stakeholders and industry insiders based in the West of England in the Bristol+Bath City Region.

The Bristol+BathLegalTech (BBLT) mission is to bring together the region’s largest law firms, alongside SME and start-up firms, Bristol Law Society, the West of England Combined Authority, our regional Universities and Colleges, in-house legal functions, barrister chambers, LegalTech companies and entrepreneurs and anyone who works in, or with, legal technology.

Our vision for the region’s high-potential LegalTech sector is to support rapid development into a national and international centre of excellence. This can only happen with a successful collaborative ecosystem in place. That evolution will deliver:

  • a thriving and economically-significant LegalTech cluster within the West’s powerful digital industry – attracting investment, jobs, innovators and skilled resources from elsewhere in the UK and internationally;
  • a unique collaborative stimulus that turbo-charges the innovation and transformation of legal services regional players are already committed to; and
  • development and delivery of an unrivalled toolkit to support the embedding of cutting-edge digital skills and knowledge right across the region’s legal sector, in every type of organisation and at every level.

Providing a central, funded structure to enable often hard to achieve collaboration across the sector, BBLT’s activity is focused on:

  • advice, valuable connections and practical support to great legaltech initiatives, especially those that are impossible for a single entity to achieve alone or which would not attract commercial funding
  • collating, sharing and adding value to innovative legaltech ideas and helping to distribute the outputs across our community
  • promoting the region’s legaltech industry and its achievements nationally and internationally
  • connecting all stakeholders and contributors in the legaltech sector and maximising the collective impact of our talent pool
  • ensuring that the development of our regional legaltech cluster is based on principles of sustainability, diversity and inclusion, access to justice and representation of all the various constituencies of the legal sector.

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